Dr. Colley’s Corner

We are thankful for our local, regional, national and international partners that support the mission of Seven Harvest. While each local community has their own values and preferences, Seven Harvest strives diligently for diversity in community food retailing and in achieving commercial food standards in each community. Our expectation and hope is to enhance local employment creation which can stimulate capital turnover and in turn stimulate other economic sectors.

We believe healthy food is fundamental to life. In this regard, we vigorously promote food security in low income communities among children, youth, adults and seniors. There is both a spiritual and economic attribute around food. Healthy food ensures the mind ’ s responsiveness to knowledge and living in harmony. It breaks down racial, cultural and religious barriers.

In addition, when communities celebrate and value food they are more likely to gain occupational aspirations in the multi-billion dollar food industry. This may very well be the catalyst to engage a new generation of farmers linked to socially responsible food businesses.


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