Journey to Successful Farm Businesses by Dr. Barry Colley

 Embracing Global Virtual Hub Centers

Seven Harvest (SH) is making a strategic change in operations. We realize a more contemporary outreach approach is needed to reach millions of unaffected small farmers in the world. Virtual information is needed to dissemination hands-on training and demonstration with face-to-face follow-up is needed. The online and emerging digital and internet technology revolution drives our new approach.  SH will now strive to  capture market share in low cost virtual food business incubation services with small farmers. Our major approach is to build backward and forward linkages among a network of similar technology hubs in selected communities in the US, Africa and Caribbean.

We will build our capacity to disseminate and retrieve real time distance learning and training to improve small farmers and their food business performance. This includes but is not limited to vegetable production with hoop houses, improved natural and organic crop production methods, Integrated Pest Management, nutrient recycling to improve soils, appropriate technology, irrigation efficiency, food safety, pack house operations, direct marketing, farm cooperative business organizing and etc. We would still maintain the flexibility of conducting face-to-face experiential learning in Forrest City, AR through workshops, short courses, tours and demonstration.


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